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Judge denies man’s travel request awaiting trial | Local News

CORUNNA — Thirty-fifth Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart has denied a request by a West Bloomfield man currently on bail on multiple felony charges to allow him to travel to Bangladesh.

Lawyers for Sayem Chowdhury, 29, had filed a circuit court petition to allow their client to travel to Bangladesh for up to 60 days to accompany his elderly mother to the United States for medical treatment.

However, Stewart noted that Chowdhury, who is a US citizen originally from Bangladesh, could use the opportunity to evade US law enforcement as Bangladesh and the US currently do not have an extradition treaty. .

“As I understand it, the United States does not have an extradition treaty (with Bangladesh),” Stewart said. “I know there’s a treaty going on, but there isn’t now.”

Stewart also noted the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he couldn’t accurately predict what would happen with travel restrictions in the United States or other countries.

“What concerns the court, more than anything else, would be the ever-evolving coronavirus situation,” Stewart continued. “Should the court allow the defendant to travel to Bangladesh? It’s not up to me to control the coronavirus. Who knows? I know in Shiawassee County and the State of Michigan the positivity rates are increasing dramatically. I don’t know the numbers in Bangladesh. I don’t know the numbers at connecting airports. What if the authorities in Bangladesh say we can’t let anyone out or in and we lock ourselves in? »

Shiawassee County Assistant District Attorney Richard McNally asked if the motion was granted and then Chowdhury’s $25,000 bond would be released. He added that Chowdhury had several relatives in the United States who could travel here from Bangladesh with his mother.

Chowdhury is currently facing three counts of felony firearms charges, as well as child sexual abuse, using a computer to commit a crime and accosting a child for any purpose. immoral.

He was arrested in May 2021 following a sexual undercover operation by the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office. He would have traveled to meet a non-existent minor for sex.

According to court records, Chowdhury was arraigned on June 7 before former 66th District Court magistrate Dan Nees; he pleaded not guilty.

Chowdhury posted $25,000 cash bond the same day and has been free ever since. His trial is tentatively scheduled for March, but trials are currently on hold in circuit court due to COVID positivity rates.