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Burger King rebrands its business in Bangladesh with a new logo and interior

He updated all elements of his visual identity with a design he describes as “appetizing, big and bold, playful and irreverent and proudly true,” according to a statement.

Burger King entered the Bangladeshi market in December 2016 through a long-term franchise agreement to launch and grow the brand with Tiffin Box Limited, a Bangla Trac company.

As part of the redesign, the brand dropped the use of its old logo and introduced it in favor of a flat design more in line with the logo used by the brand in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

The rebranding was inspired by Burger King’s “legacy, iconic brand status and original logo”. “We’ve retained some of that era in our new design,” the statement read.

The brand hasn’t just changed its logo and interior, it plans to change packaging and employee uniforms over time.

The design of the new packaging is “much more playful and colorful”.

As for the employees, the uniform has also been changed which is a “mixture of contemporary and comfort”.

“However, with so many changes being made, one thing remains constant, the brand’s promise to deliver exceptional food and an extraordinary experience to its customers. The rebranding is a blend of Burger King’s authentic past and our new exciting future.”