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A new frontier in the food industry in Bangladesh


Dinner in heaven is a new concept in the global food industry. It is an innovative idea to eat food from a height of 50 meters above ground level. The first Sky Dining was launched in September 2018 in Bangalore, India. Now it is available in over 45 countries around the world. It was recently launched at Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh. Read on to find out more about Skydining Cox’s Bazar.

Sky Dining in Bangladesh

The restaurant is flying in the sky. Sitting in it you can see the waves of the sea, the distant mountains and the beautiful sunset over the sea. This is not the end. Besides seeing these eye-catching scenes, various foods are also available on the menu!

This opportunity was created in the tourist town of Cox’s Bazar. A hanging restaurant called “Skydining Cox’s Bazar” has opened at Sugandha Point on the beach.

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The creation of Sky Dining in Bangladesh

Skydining Bangladesh began its journey on November 30. Located on Sugandha Beach on Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, the restaurant is nicely decorated. It was introduced with enough space to sit. A crane was installed in the empty space on the west side of the restaurant.

On a special deck, chairs, tables and umbrellas with a capacity of 24 people have been opened to the surroundings. The crane head is fixed to the bridge with an aluminum-steel support. Restaurant staff will serve if you order any food you want from the kitchen.

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Ensuring complete safety, food is provided here using state-of-the-art mechanical cranes at a height of 160 feet above the beach floor. Tourists get the exciting feeling of being entertained in the Cloud Kingdom. Entrepreneurs hope the suspended restaurant will change the face of tourism in Cox’s Bazar.

Is it safe?

An open Skydining is built around a terrace with chairs, tables and an umbrella-shaped roof. The restaurant is lifted from the ground to the sky by a special type of crane. Once guests are seated at the Skydining table, staff secure them with three levels of seat belts. So you can say that it is quite safe to step into a SkyDining.

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Using a crane, the entire deck is lifted very slowly. Once the deck reaches 160 feet, food is served. However, the dining deck revolves around the air. At the end of the two-hour meal, he comes down with the guests.

Reservation and cost

The flying dining room is suspended in the sky with a capacity of 24 people. Of these, 20 chairs are reserved for guests. Four people will be at the table to serve the guests. Skydiving will be in the sky with guests for two hours. Online reservations can be made to board the hanging restaurant. In addition, you can also book directly with cash.

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On the occasion of the inauguration, the minimum cost per person was set at BDT. 4000 until Friday. The cost will be determined later, depending on the menu. In this case, the cost can be up to 7-8,000 taka. Whatever the price, buyers will find it on the Skydining online portal.

What is on the menu?

The initial menu shows Sky Dining has a 6-course meal that includes the Middle Eastern Bowl, Vardune Cone, Wild Crostini, British Paneer Tikka, Fulka Tacos, and Nut Brownie. However, this is not the final menu, and more food could be increased. However, the price is not yet disclosed as the promotion runs for a week. We will know the price with an updated menu next week.

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Who built Bangladesh’s first Sky Dining restaurant?

In fact, it is an international franchise, which has facilities in over 45 countries. But this is the first in Bangladesh. The Indian company “Your Travels Limited” built the Sky Dining in Bangladesh. Nawab Fayez Abu Bakkar Khan is the head of the Skydining restaurant. Tony Khan, the chef of Khan Kitchen, a world famous chef in Dhaka, runs the ‘Skydining’ restaurant.

Construction began in 2020. However, it was due to be inaugurated in February 2021. But it has been delayed and rescheduled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Structural elements

Flying and dining is an experience like no other. The Sky Dining structure, which seats 24 people around a table and is secured by aviation standard seat belts on comfortable chairs that can swivel 360 degrees.

The restaurant has been designed in collaboration with gourmet chefs who specialize in creating refined dishes for special occasions or holidays such as the end of the year celebrations or family birthdays!

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This restaurant will not only offer you rich flavors, but will also turn into its beautiful destination at night when beautifully lit, thanks to our team of highly trained staff working together safely while maintaining professionalism in all aspects – indoor / outdoor space included!

How is Skydining Cox’s Bazar different from other places?

Since it is under the same franchise as other Asian countries, the facilities and all other things remain the same. But there has been a slight change in the price. For example, Sky Dining Nodia costs around BDT. 3,500 (1 rupee = BDT. 1.14) per person, while a Bangladeshi will cost BDT. 7,000-BDT. 8,000. On the other hand, Dinner in the Sky Dubai costs around BDT. 14,000- BDT. 19,000 (USD 1 = BDT. 85.67).

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London in the Sky offers breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner, while Cox’s Bazar only has a dinner menu. Prices in London start from BDT. 9,000 for breakfast and BDT. 17,000 for (£ 1 = 113.36 BDT) sunset dinner.

Final words

The Sky Dining at Cox’s Bazar can spice up the tourist industry of Cox’s Bazar. But, many tourists may not see this as a good option as the price is a bit higher for middle class tourists. However, the current reduced price is BDT. 4000 per person is reasonable for everyone. All in all, Sky Dining restaurant opens up a new horizon for the Bangladesh tourism industry.

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