The Minimum Wage From Today is 17500 Gross, Will it be Easier to Get a Loan?

Will it be Easier to Get a Loan if The Minimum Wage From Today is 17500 Gross

Will it be Easier to Get a Loan if The Minimum Wage From Today is 17500 Gross

The minimum wage of a full-time employee from today will be 70 PLN more or 1750 gross. Do people who have just such a pay have the opportunity to get a mortgage? It turns out that in some banking facilities there is no problem with that. The problem only begins when you would like to buy a flat from the money obtained from the loan. Unfortunately, this is not enough money anymore. More commentary at

And even if you tried to get a flat that someone else would like to have, the installment would be so high that there would be nothing to live on. Unfortunately, these are the realities of today.

Despite the fact that so many people work while getting pay in the form of the lowest national, ¾ Poles have at least one credit taken. On the other hand, about 25 percent of Poles do not even risk because he knows that he would not be able to pay it off. And if we are already taking out a loan for an ID card, what do we usually spend money on? Usually, these are consumption purposes, and exactly the purchase of home electronics and home appliances. One third of customers admit that the money helped them to renovate the apartment or house. The second such group of respondents spent the money they had borrowed to buy a car. Often, we also take a loan to buy a flat, house or plot. But we can spend money on everyday life as well. Banks, however, are much more popular than friends, friends or family. Over 80 percent of people declared that they were going to the bank for a loan.

What’s the minimum wage then? Unfortunately, the truth is that very little. Because fLor this amount it is difficult to live from the first to the first. And what to say about starting a family, renting an independent apartment. If we pay the rent for the room, pay the bills, and also live, it is really little, and sometimes almost nothing. In that case, what are we supposed to buy clothes, cosmetics, books or other things for? One thing is for sure. On the basis of this amount, we can only “slide” from day to day. Completely not planning further future, because there is nothing to save. In the end, where to get the money if, for example, a washing machine or other device is broken? When unexpected expenses come out, then we have a really serious problem. Charges for medical appointments, car repairs, can be exchanged without end. At that moment, we are forced to borrow. If we do not have a loved one, who would loan us, then we go to the bank. But earning the lowest domestic, we are often sent back with a receipt.

Where can we apply for a mortgage if we earn the lowest national income ? Only a few banks decide to offer a loan for quite large sums. However, at the moment Alior Bank is able to declare the largest loan for people earning the lowest salary. We will receive just over PLN 100,000 from a bank outlet. However, we have to repay this loan within 25 years, and we also have to spend over PLN 300 a month for the installment. At the cost of today’s life, it is a very high sum. All the more so if we still have one child. Not to mention a few. In addition, to become a borrower to buy even the cheapest apartment, we must show our own contribution. At the moment, it is 5%, but it is going to grow from year to year. Unfortunately, it is not easy for people earning a minimum national income. Unfortunately, somehow no one worries about the conditions under which they live, whether they eat well and what happens to them when their unexpected expenses meet.