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Recently I blogged about an upcoming discussion on Lesslie Newbigin and his contribution to mission thinking in the West. For this discussion, we were asked to share what he contributed and where we thought we should go in light of that contribution. I discussed his contributions, now I will briefly share where my thoughts on the future..

After being picked up on the beach on Paradise Island on August 22, Anton was again charged with vagrancy and held for three days in the central police station in Nassau. His mother, Carolyn, went to see him at the station and saw the word “murder” scribbled in the logbook beside his name. Why would they be questioning my boy for murder? she wondered.

“There’s not many of us ’03 class guys still around,” James said of Korver. “I feel like we’re just cut from a different cloth because we’ve been around for so long. We have this work ethic and you see him every day putting in the work, putting his mind, his body into it..

Je crois que Marc vous en a parl hier soir. On a essay d’am notre rang pour mettre la main sur des joueurs que nous voulions. La m chose s’est produite aujourd’hui. ANDREWS: Yeah. So in the Speak Up category, that was really important to us to make sure we highlighted the people that spoke up about our political climate. Lebron James is actually the No.

America was certain that China was going to become one of their principle Allies in the region after they successfully prevented the country from falling into Japanese hands. They were so certain of this that they didn even see a need to provide significant support to Chiang Kai shek and the Nationalist military, going so far as to simply demand that the Nationalists and Communists form a coalition government and subsequently pulling additional aid to Kai shek forces due to the US considering the Communist threat “contained”. (As an aside, the Nationalists were also epic in their corruption and were terrible at managing internal crises, along with outright refusing to relinquish command of the military in any capacity to US command, which influenced the US decision to pull aid.).

Unlike the opulent luxury items he creates for Bottega Veneta, Maier own label features more casual, relaxed sportswear in luxury materials. Call them luxe basics. Now he will be creating affordable versions of his collection for a chain most known for well priced, simple basics in quality materials.

As someone who is highly involved in sports, the playoff rankings each week is a huge fun mess. ESPN is quite smart as they release the rankings on Tuesdays, the slowest sports night of the week. That gives everyone something to talk about Wednesday and Thursday, until the games are ready to start for that weekend..

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