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In life he was the perfect constitution of father, grandfather, brother, son, and husband. Overshadowing all of his worldly accomplishments, was his absolute dedication to his family and the missionary work of the Lord. To his last moments, he kept the perfect sweetness of his character, worrying about others more than self and wholly submissive to the will of his Heavenly Father..

I’m calling this last 6 years what it was, The Great Cover Up. I’m also calling it over. 2015 will be a very tumultuous year, you can count on it. To me it seems, Plato’s Closet gets a lot more hype than it should. For anyone who doesn’t know what Plato’s closet is, it’s a consignment shop where people can buy or sell clothing. In the words of Platos Closet themselves: a place where you can “buy or sell gently used name brand clothing.” The prices are supposed to be a lot cheaper and the you can earn some extra cash by selling old clothes you no longer wear..

The Internet is absolutely perfect for this. Many years ago, I was one of the founders of a company called Flycast Communications. We were one of the very first online advertising networks. Finally, advertise your business. Get some business cards on attend a networking event where you can meet people and let them know what you do. Design a flyer and distribute it to places in town with bulletin boards the library, pet stores, vet clinics, dog grooming businesses, etc.

Fashion designers can’t quite shake the fantasy of rugged individualism. The man who needs a pair of Wranglers for his 9 to 5 is not buying his work clothes from N. Hoolywood or Engineered for Motion or any other up and coming fashion label. He just felt sick that he had been caught. Finally, I find it quite interesting that Mike chose to use the word “made” in describing the quality of his work. While he probably used this word in reference to his monologue, I believe his word choice further builds upon the fact that he “made” this story up by combining his own experience with the experience of others.

Fix: No. My father sat down with my brother and me when we were 14 and 12 and gave us the pitch. Both of us ignored it and went our own ways. It that engagement that makes micro influencers so effective. Since micro influencers have fewer people to interact with, they are better able to develop stronger relationships with their audience. A 2016 study by influencer marketing company Markerly found that the more Instagram followers an influencer has, the less engagement there is on their posts.

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