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Last summer, a tornado ripped through the small town of Baker, Montana, injuring seven people and damaging dozens of homes. Elaine and Merlin Zink were among the victims. They lost their home. Add the papelon (brown sugar cane), mix well and simmer until the sauce turns a darker brown color and reduces by to a gravy consistency, about 8 10 minutes. Taste and adjust the seasoning (salt and pepper) if necessary. Add the sliced meat and simmer for 10 15 more minutes..

SAN FRANCISCO After refusing to buy Levi Strauss Co. Macy Co. Will put Levis jeans and Dockers sportswear on the shelves of some of its department stores starting in November. It’s embarrassing for grown men to wear those things. Maybe after Goodell and Smith have worked everything else out and sit back to share a few drinks, they can do something about this.When all is said and done, the 2011 season will kick off as planned.If I’m wrong, we will have plenty of time to replay the Super Bowl on our DVRs next fall, watching Aaron Rodgers step out of the shadows of the last guy who played quarterback for Green Bay (I’ve already forgotten his name), watching karma catch up with Ben Roethlisberger, and watching Christina Aguilera mess up the lyrics to the national anthem.As for me, I plan to rewatch the beautiful sight of fighter jets flying over the stadium as part of the pre game festivities. Flying over a stadium where the roof was closed, mind you.Outside of being told how the ending play outs, there’s nothing worse than when someone hypes up a movie before you’ve seen it.

While in Kensington, I also popped into Jigsaw, a British chain for which Kate was once an accessories buyer. A chatty salesman confirmed that the young royals are often seen out and about “look for the red police cars following them,” he noted. He said they often see “the younger one, whatshisname, Harry, at the Marks Spencers,” and that Kate and William frequent a restaurant “down the road,” as he waved toward Church Street.

IMO part of the issue is also that people are often more motivated to write bad reviews than positive reviews. Not exclusively mind you, but there a lot of users out there who basically never write reviews, but when they hate a game, the anger and frustration is what motivates them to actually use the review system. This leads to a situation where there might be a silent majority of people who are enjoying the game and running into no issues, but there no real way to know; meanwhile, people who take issue with the game strike back by leaving a bad review to release some anger about the matter, possibly being a vocal minority..

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