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My fellow trainees were a great bunch of very interesting people and it made the world of difference that we were so well supported by experienced and inspiring tutors. I hope they get round to reading this post and decide to stay in touch (not least because my classmates each owe me 25 zoty. Grrr)!.

Like I haven’t done enough to earn this bursary,” he said. “It’s actually the human behavior the institution is flexible and resilient. It’s the members of the Senate that have changed the equation, regrettably. If you think about it, how many major events that we’ve managed to transcend on a bipartisan basis, you know, in the 1990s or in the early 2000s, and think about what we transcended: We had a government shutdown, we had impeachment, we had [a] 50 50 Senate.

But before TV kidnapped our brains, athletes and show biz stars were not an everyday part of our lives. We didn’t have the endless parade of celebrities that now roll across the TV screen. Which was probably beneficial. You say Mrs. Bridge. We say Naked Lunch.

As for the famous singing parts of Baloo and King Louie, you can go wrongcasting thebeloved Bill Murray and Christopher Walken. Murray seems at ease converting Phil Harris Necessities into a lazy river ditty, havingwarmed up his pipesinSofia Coppola Very Murray Christmas (2015). Walken Wanna Be Like You is smooth, but inevitablyfalls short of Louis Prima big band jazz, instead rubbing his head in the shadows like Marlon Brando in Now (1979)..

Mulligan said Wednesday, adding management had seen improvement in its feedback from Canadians, nowhere near where we need to be. Which has opened 130 stores in this market in the last year and a half, said second quarter sales in Canada rose 63% to US$449 million compared with US$275 million last year. The Canadian loss before interest and taxes was US$204 million in the second quarter compared with a loss of US$169 million last year, when it had 48 stores here.Gross margins were 18.4% as the company worked to clear excess inventory, compared with 31.6% a year ago when the retailer was enjoying strong demand at fewer stores in its early months.Target fired Canadian president Tony Fisher in May, shortly after the resignation of company CEO Gregg Steinhafel.

But then the 4th quarter happened, and in the iconic words of Harry Dunn, the game “totally redeemed yourself.” Down 13 with 6 minutes to go, team LeBron, and more specifically, LeBron and KD took over the game, getting stops and steals and taking the lead. Then the game had drama down the stretch and even more drama on the final possession as team LeBron held a 3 point lead with 10 seconds to go. It was great to see the players care that much about winning the game.

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