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Female Trump staffers took home an average of roughly $4,500 that month, the report found, while men earned $6,100. The numbers are skewed by a lack of women in leadership, it turns out. Of the top 15 highest paid Trump staffers in April, just two were women.

Lifestyle BrandsLifestyle branding uses image to sell. This often happens within specific niches. A surf wear company may sell simple t shirts and sandals, but the brand is lifestyle focused and people buy, based on that position. AugustO’Donnell’s Restaurant, a seafood tradition in Bethesda for more than 40 years, opened a new set of doors in Gaithersburg. O’Donnell’s began serving shrimp, crab and other fare on Aug. 6 at its new location adjacent to the Kentlands Shopping Center on Kentlands Blvd.The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair kicked off its 49th year with a celebration of the Year of the Swine and the Year of Stuff Animals, Dolls and Toys.

Cadillac Catera: “The Caddy that zigs”When General Motors couldn’t lure Barry White to star in a Super Bowl ad for the Cadillac Catera, it signed up Cindy Crawford, dressed her in a miniskirt and leather boots and had her portray a bored princess whose life is brightened when the car’s animated duck mascot hands over the keys to a Catera. The rush job backfired when female execs at GM grew concerned the spot might offend the car’s core target : educated and sophisticated women. The spot, by D’Arcy Masius Benton Bowles, was pulled less than a month later..

To be sure, the massive wave of retirements from Republicans in Congress, the overall poll numbers and tumult that President Trump will inevitably continue to create, still point to a good midterm election for Democrats. The sharp drop in the stock market Friday is a reminder that the key economic indicators can swing very quickly and those changes are hard to control. But the situation is changing and Democrats should not take some of the gains seen by this administration lightly and underestimate Trump once again..

CS as a degree focuses on programming principles and is heavy on Software Development, but also teaches you a ton of different skills. Therefore, once you graduate you will find yourself with tons of options like Testing/QA or System Security, as well as a host of others. They will be highly technical jobs, and may not be rewarding if you don enjoy hours of problem solving..

As for his personal leadership style, Grant told Chief Executive magazine in 2010 that he prioritizes investment in new products and ideas. “The nice thing about our business is the investment cycle,” he said. “You plant a seed, you harvest a handful of seed; you plant a handful of seed, you harvest a truckload.”.

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