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As I proceed, I understand people have questions. I understand the press wants me to wants to ask me for the details of the times I was unfaithful. I understand people want to know whether Elin and I will remain together. All the trades were conducted in an investment account in his parents’ name.Sridharan’s fascination with the stock market started when he was in elementary school and he followed the Great Recession on the radio with his dad.”My dad told me to listen to Marketplace on NPR. And he brought investing books home for me. That’s how I got interested,” Sridharan said.By the time Sridharan was 12, he started seriously pitching his parents on his stock ideas.

NEW YORK tfl Helene lurtis Industries Inc., report ed higher earnings for the six months ended Aug. 31. Net income rose to i20 or 80 cents a share from or 76 cents a share n the like 1961 period. I would take Nash bad system defense over plenty of guysMiceland 4 points submitted 3 days agoif you look at the numbers, there does seem to be some validity to the idea that nader probably swung the election Nader got 100,000 votes in florida, which was decided by 600.But I not a big fan of ascribing blame to some outside factor every time a democrat trips over their dick so many times that they put the result within the margin of error. Their complete inability to take responsibility for (and therefore learn from) their losses is a defining feature of the democratic party.I bet these people would still find a way to blame the left if Bloomberg ran independent specifically to play spoilerMiceland 2 points submitted 3 days agodisrespecting all ideas of troop valor rules, but I don think the edgelord position on the troops themselves holds up under any scrutiny.It not a coincidence most of the chapos come from privilege and Matt became a leftist after a lifetime of being a big goofy misfit. I owe basically all my early leftism to the incidental fact I got into punk when I was 12..

This was the first year I can remember where Sexual Harassment training was a requirement for UWM students. UWM does indeed appear to be doing its job, which is comforting, but so is this student journalist. It her responsibility to hold UWM feet to the fire, not only when something obviously unjust is currently happening, but even at baseline to ensure they keep doing the right thing.

Whenever we take the train to the city, we leave from Linden. Leave our cars there, frequently come back very late, never face a problem. I drove through Linden every day on my commute to Staten Island that lasted three years, including the more industrial, definitely less desirable areas.

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